Saturday, January 20, 2018

About Continental

Continental Event and Sports Management Group LLC was founded by one of the leading race production teams in the US.  Robert Pozo, President of Continental Event and Sports Management Group, began his race production career in 1997 with Swim Bike Run, Inc. What started as a small business built on the passion of the sport turned into a race production career featuring triathlons, duathlons and 5K runs in the South Florida area. Robert convinced Gaby Pozo, then the CFO of a local Miami business to join his company and help him grow the running empire they achieved in Miami over the next 10 years. The Pozos largest home-town achievement was starting and producing the ING Miami Marathon®. through 2007.  They grew the event from 5,000 to 18,000 producing such a formidable event that it was named as a top 10 running event by USA Today.  Later on, Robert’s love of the running industry inspired him to form Continental Event and Sports Management and launch the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon and the Divas Half Marathon® & 5K Series, among some of his latest projects.
 Robert Pozo, Executive Race Director

pozo Robert is a founder and was the hands-on Race Director of the ING Miami Marathon for the first 6 years of the event.  Robert then began a consulting career where he offered his expertise when acquiring events as well as when creating them. Robert’s operational and financial background allows for a diverse skill-set used in analyzing possible ventures or mergers/acquisitions.  Today, Mr. Pozo is the Executive Race Director of his own company, Continental Event and Sports Management Group, which produces and manages events like the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, the Divas Half Marathon® & 5K Series.

Robert’s career began as the founder and President of Swim-Bike-Run, Inc. producing cycling, running, duathlon, and triathlon events to South Florida. SBR created the ever-popular Key Biscayne Triathlon Series, as well as the Festina Time Trial Series, among others. The knowledge gained from SBR soon made Robert the odds on choice to spearhead the inaugural Miami Marathon as the President and Race Director of PR Racing, Inc.

While Robert produced races in Florida, he held positions with other event production companies throughout the US allowing him to work and offer his expertise to large and small races across the country as well as national and world championships. The culmination of this came in 2007 and 2008 when Robert secured Pan American and Olympic Trials, respectively, for Racewalking in Miami. Robert has produced or helped produce over 350 events throughout the United States as well as worked with all groups from for-profit to charities to municipal entities thus gaining vast knowledge in this sector.

Event management was a natural fit for this triathlete, cyclist and runner. As a 3-time member of the US Duathlon and Triathlon Team competing at the World Championships, Robert gained plenty of experience regarding how events were created throughout the US and the world. As 8 time track cycling State Champion, Robert honed his skills as an athlete but also saw events through the eyes of participants and the audience, thus drawing from that now when creating or modifying events. Still, the largest of all sporting events eluded him until 2004 when, as a USA Triathlon certified coach he coached one of only 3 US male triathlon participants to the Athens Olympic Games.

Events and event production is only half of the package, one must have a solid financial background as well. Robert graduated from Florida International University with a B.A. and Masters degrees in Accounting in 1991 and 1993, respectively. He worked for 6 years in the field of audit for both KPMG Peat Marwick and the University of Miami, where he received his second Masters degree and this time in the field he loved,  Exercise and Sport Management.

Gaby Pozo, National Race Director – Divas Half Marathon & 5K Series

Gaby Pozo, our Diva in Chief,  is also one of the three founders of the ING Miami Marathon.  After the sale of her Miami Marathon, she remained with the acquiring company for 2 more years serving as COO for their national operations.  She had the privilege of being the first woman in this industry to serve in such a post overseeing multiple national events of the caliber of the ING Miami Marathon, the Publix Georgia Marathon, the Chicago Half Marathon and the 13.1 Series.  Gaby is what they normally call the “brains behind the operations”.   After Robert’s launch of a successful concept of women only events, so true to her heart and so empowering to her and their daughter, Gaby was itching to take lead on that project so in October 2010, Gaby joined the Continental Team as a volunteer in its very first women’s only event and in January 2011, she took the project as its National Race Director and began working on its national expansion which currently hosts 10 locations nationwide.  It takes a strong woman to run the Diva events and give that series the edge over all other women only events in the nation and she is the right woman for that job.  

Gaby’s race production resume began in 1995 when she used to do timing and scoring and operations for Swim-Bike-Run, Inc. and continued as Director of Operations for PR Racing and the ING Miami Marathon.  If you asked anyone in the know, she was the glue to tie in all resources and people producing those events.  She is analytical, creative and a visionary which is a very unique combination and that is what makes her a leader in the field.

Like Robert, Gaby has a financial background having worked as auditor, controller and CFO over 12 years in the local Miami market.  However, she yearned to work in a dynamic world where she could have input on marketing, lead operations and return financially sound projects.

And since running is in the family, Gaby does indeed run too.  She claims it is an endeavor of love and passion…she is like most of her athletes, a middle of the pack runner with a respectable 4:20 marathon finish as her PR, but prefers half marathon distance events instead.  She began as a Cross Country runner in high school, and decided to keep the running as a health benefit in her life.